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The Reinhart Stoneware Mug & Super Saucer

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The Reinhart line challenges the standard profile of coffee vessels by combining unprecedented functionality with clean minimalist stylings and hand finished details. The outward profile of The Reinhart Mug belies the magic hidden inside. With a bowl-shaped interior base for milk incorporation, and an increased diameter for a greater surface area, The Reinhart is a latte artist’s dream canvas. The Reinhart Mug performs as a competition quality latte cup with the heirloom quality feel and stylings of old world stoneware. The Reinhart is angular and bold, while the neutral color palette, matte finish, and hand worked texture give it an overall soft and inviting character.

Combine The Reinhart Mug with the matching Super Saucer. The Super Saucer is designed with a circular relief to hold the mug centered and prevent that dreaded sliding and spilling. Most saucers are cumbersome and difficult to lift off a bar top due to low lips and unnecessary curvatures. The Super Saucer solves this and makes picking it up secure and easy.

The Reinhart Mug and Super Saucer are a true marriage of modern form and best-in-class function. See for yourself at quality cafes and coffee establishments around the globe.

Customer Reviews

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I am throughly impressed with these mugs!

I am on a constant quest to find the best mugs. This quest has led me to amass quite a collection of mugs and I can say with confidence that these mugs are not only heirloom quality, but they are indeed the best mugs I have found thus far.

Here are just some of the reasons why I think these mugs are the best:

1.) Extremely high quality
2.) Visually appealing
3.) A pleasure to hold
4.) A pleasure to drink from
5.) Substantial weight

If you are looking for a high quality mug from a fantastic company look no further. I highly recommend buying these mugs no matter if it is your first mug or your hundredth.

Thank you, SAI! Keep up the great work!

Nicholas Brown

The Reinhart Stoneware Mug & Super Saucer

Jimia Kleinsasser

The Reinhart Stoneware Mug & Super Saucer

Perfect for my cappuccinos

Love the way the cup fits in my hand and the size of the handle!


The Reinhart Stoneware Mug & Super Saucer