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The Millwright Hand Grinder For Coffee

Sale price$159.00

 Working With Your Hands

Meet the Millwright - quite possibly the world's greatest hand grinder. 

The Millwright hand grinder eliminates the crude variability of grind size produced by most grinders. We've designed a grinding system featuring dual precision shaft bearings that turn a 48mm, titanium coated Italian burr-set. All of this, carefully fitted into an aluminum housing machined to aeronautic tolerances. From finely ground espresso to coarse ground French press, The Millwright is your path to beautifully ground coffee every day.

Enjoy a lifetime of perfectly ground coffee with the Millwright hand grinder.

Capacity: 28 grams

Weight: 550 grams (1lb 3.5 oz)

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Aaron Loken

Best travel grinder ever, machined perfectly, smooth operation, consistent grind, it’s perfect!!

Tracy Larrabee
This is very pleasant to use in the morning

It takes a little bit of heft to turn the grinder, but as long as I hold it at my core, it works (and feels like good exercise). I really appreciate how clear the ergonomic indicator is that the grinding is done. It goes from having vibration to being completely smooth. I am happy with my purchase.

Coffee nirvana

Beautiful and functional piece.

Great experience with SAIs pre and post sales. SAI replaced my UPS mangled Millwright. I finally got the replacement (unscathed) Millwright and it works smooth and feels really good in my hands. The grounds are perfectly uniform bringing my brews to different level.

I just made a hack to prevent the crank from falling off when I open the sleeve to minimize probability of damaging the crank specially the beautiful ****.


Great grinder, consistent, cut my grinding time by 2/3rds. Perfect for grinding espresso. Also looks cool with the leather cover!

Pending Review

Delivery period took about 10 days from time of order which is within SAIs estimates.

Unfortunately the grinder arrived mangled and beyond use via UPS. SAIs packaging was sufficient to protect the grinder under normal conditions. SAI post sales support responded within 24 hours after reporting the mishap and provided return label.

My initial thoughts on the untested grinder are the build and materials are of good quality and beautifully crafted. The packaging is a no nonsense recyclable folded cardboard with a few inserts for instructions etc.

Hope the replacement arrives soon and unscathed to verify if the looks match the function.