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The Millwright Hand Grinder For Coffee

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 Working With Your Hands

Meet the Millwright - quite possibly the world's greatest hand grinder. 

The Millwright hand grinder eliminates the crude variability of grind size produced by most grinders. We've designed a grinding system featuring dual precision shaft bearings that turn a 48mm, titanium coated Italian burr-set. All of this, carefully fitted into an aluminum housing machined to aeronautic tolerances. From finely ground espresso to coarse ground French press, The Millwright is your path to beautifully ground coffee every day.

Enjoy a lifetime of perfectly ground coffee with the Millwright hand grinder.

Capacity: 28 grams

Weight: 550 grams (1lb 3.5 oz)

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Sheng Fei Tseng

The Millwright Hand Grinder For Coffee

Nelson Guda
High quality, superb craftsmanship, works great!

What a wonderful, exquisite tool.

Before buying this grinder, we tried a highly rated hand grinder from Amazon that was made in China. Long story short - it was terrible, and we returned it right away.

This grinder by Saint Anthony Industries is everything we could have asked for – it works flawlessly; it's easy and enjoyable to use; and it is beautiful. I love owning something that is so well crafted that you enjoy looking at it as well as using it. It makes the process of making coffee such a pleasure. Highly recommend! You won't regret it.

James Lee

Well made precision tool.

Hilary Deighan
Ground Coffee ... with the personal touch

Pin-point grind control, smooth mechanics, great look and feel, and an outstanding cup of coffee at the end. If you're willing to spend a little personal time with your brew, this is a highly recommended way to grind a small batch (or a large batch is you have a good way to safely store your coffee, once you're done).

Kurt Ospelt
The Millwright

Great product, high quality material. Excellent handling.