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The Harold - Bottomless 58mm E61 Portafilter

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The E61 grouphead is equal parts industry defining design and modern espresso gold standard. Created in 1961, it revolutionized the espresso industry and remains the definitive standard for most commercial espresso machines today.  With a laser engraved walnut handle and SAI Trident logo accenting the metal base, the Harold E61 portafilter is our homage to a revered industry classic. Accentuate the charm of your machine and the quality of your cultivar with the Harold E61.

Laser-engraved handle.

22 Gram Basket.

Designed for use with E61 machines.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
vitaliy kulyk

excellent quality

High Quality

Very well made and fits perfectly on my Diletta Bello.

Harry Venetta
Great Craftmanship

Beautiful Construction, ergonomic in the hand, angle is great for level tamping, fits perfectly in my ECM Classika. Highly Recommended!

Mitch Harris
a perfect tool. Makes work a joy.

The walnut finish has a perfect matte glow, which they tell me is a cured bees wax finish. The engraving in the wood is small font, delicate, and detailed. My machine came with a really nice walnut bottomless portafilter, but sometimes you need an extra. Great to hold and work with, it's easy to underestimate the pleasure of working with good tools. Don't miss out!
Had initially seen the Saint Anthony Harold E61 portafilter on the SCG site and noticed it was out of stock. Nothing else on their site seemed quite as good and SCG didn't seem to know how long the wait would be. A google search and I discovered Saint Anthony Industries tools are made by craftspeople in a shop local to me.