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Model S & Model T Espresso Tamp

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Base Diameter:

Base Diameter

The Model S and Model T are rooted in our tradition of handcrafted perfection.  

We’ve been working tirelessly over the years to develop a tamper design that will meet the highest standards of performance, precision, and craftsmanship while easily accommodating a barista’s budget.  

Constructed out of alternating layers of hardwood for superb strength, the timber based tamps feature a 304 stainless steel, ultra precise base with a perfectly sharp edge to accomplish optimum extractions. The base is designed for easy replacement with screw on & off functionality.  

The Model S features a flat top handle drawing inspiration from the lines of our traditional Statesman tamp. 

The Model T features a rounded top handle drawing inspiration from the lines of our traditional Thoroughgood tamp.

Due to the natural variation in wood, each timber piece will have a varied tone and grain pattern. Each one truly unique.

Weight: 6oz

Drop your tamp or ding your base? No worries. 

Highspeed hand polished replacement bases are only $19. Available separately here.

Customer Reviews

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Mitch Harris
makes work a joy.

Somewhat lightweight (132g) compared to tamps that are mostly metal, this tamp helps me remember to lighten up on my tamping pressure. Shaped wood all the way down to the precision machined steel tamping surface, for which a replacement can be ordered if you should dent or mangle it somehow. Not much risk of that I suppose, but how often do you see a tool supported with replacement bits like that? Meanwhile, the wood finish is even and smooth with no rough grain anywhere despite the compound curves that require exposed end grain somewhere. Expert woodworkers know how to deal with end grain better than I do because this walnut finish has a perfect matte glow throughout. They tell me it is a cured bees wax finish. Great to hold and work with, it's easy to underestimate the pleasure of working with good tools.

I read on the Saint Anthony site that it's meant to be a more affordable version of their fancier Thoroughgood tamp. Rather than removing some features to reduce cost, they started over and gave it its own design. Not really a cheaper version of something else, this tamp is its own thing.

Had seen this tamp on a reseller site, and it stands out as a better, more thoughtfully made, version of the classic tamp. Curiosity and google lead me to discover Saint Anthony Industries tools are made by craftspeople in a shop local to me.