Model S & Model T Espresso Tamp


The Model S and Model T are rooted in our tradition of handcrafted perfection.  

We’ve been working tirelessly over the years to develop a tamper design that will meet the highest standards of performance, precision, and craftsmanship while easily accommodating a barista’s budget.  

Constructed out of alternating layers of hardwood for superb strength, the timber based tamps feature a 304 stainless steel, ultra precise base with a perfectly sharp edge to accomplish optimum extractions. The base is designed for easy replacement with screw on & off functionality.  

The Model S features a flat top handle drawing inspiration from the lines of our traditional Statesman tamp. 

The Model T features a rounded top handle drawing inspiration from the lines of our traditional Thoroughgood tamp.

Due to the natural variation in wood, each timber piece will have a varied tone and grain pattern. Each one truly unique.

Reference your needed tool diameter here

Weight: 6oz

Drop your tamp or ding your base? No worries. 

Highspeed hand polished replacement bases are only $19. Available separately here.