The Bloc Party Espresso Tool Kit + Knock Box + Tamp Station

$348 $427

Bachmann Accu Drive markings are now included with all tools. 

Save up to $79 with this set including the Bloc, the BT Wedge Distribution Tool and the New Levy!

Keep your counter clean and organized with this tamp station that doubles as a knockbox.

Made of your choice of American Hardwood measuring 190 x 140 x 70mm.

Stainless steel reservoir holds about six standard pucks and is easily removable as well as dishwasher safe.

Due to the natural variation in wood, each piece will have a varied tone and grain pattern. Each one truly unique.




Bachmann Accu Drive Numeric System

Bachmann Accu Drive tools are our new standard for repeatability and precision in espresso preparation.

Now, you can precisely set your tools to a working depth that corresponds to a numbered setting on your tool. This feature allows you to reference numerical levels for the precise depth setting of your tools, resulting in optimum espresso extractions.  

Each tool is hand indexed in our SLC, USA workshop. 

Bachmann Accu Drive Numeric System. Patent Pending.