Atlantis Hyper Pure Ceramic Cup


A Little Bit of Rocket Science

Move beyond stainless steel for a pure, uncontaminated drinking experience.

Inspired by the use of ultra-lightweight ceramic insulation in NASA space shuttles, M² Labs has employed new technology to bond a feather-light, inert ceramic to a nearly unbreakable ultra insulative structure, resulting in the patent-pending, Ceramic Clad Thermal Protection System.

S.A.I. has partnered with M² Labs to integrate this technology into a historic line of rugged, on-the-move insulative drink wares.

Hyper Pure Ceramics is the new standard of pure thermal performance.

M² Labs + S.A.I.


Hand Wash or Dishwasher Cold, Top Rack Only 

Volume: 12oz

Height with lid: 4.76in (121mm)

Diameter: 2.87in (73mm)

 Weight: 4.1oz (117g)

Customer Reviews

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Not dishwasher safe :(

Loved the mug - great size & shape. But paint peeled off after first run.

Hi Sj,

Thanks for the review! We have noticed high heat and longer cycles may cause chipping to the ceramic coating. Hand washing the cup is highly recommended. As stated on our website 'Hand Wash or Dishwasher Cold, Top Rack Only '

We are happy to answer any additional questions or concerns you may have :)

Except the lid longevity, excellent

The lid will eventually crack if you put it on while your drink it hot. It's that simple. I bought five of these in the last six months and have two lids left. However, the thermal and taste qualities of this cup are still really worth it for indoor use.

good insulation and build quality

Impressed by the build, lightness and insulation. So much so that I got another one. The lid looks a little less great but haven't used it enough to review... time will tell. Even without the lid its a great mug.

Tristan S.
Good mug, cracked lid

Mug is great; lightweight, insulates well, cleans easily. The lid was a great design with the sloped opening that minimized splashes. However, after a few uses, the lid developed a crack that proceeded to get worse, until the top half complete separated from the lower half holding the silicone gasket.

Nick Hauser

Lightweight, durable, great colors, use mine everyday.