Quarterly Projects

Occasionally we become inspired by the figure of a particular piece of wood or the story of a special tree that came into our possession. When we find that unique inspiration, we want to capture it in a way that is lasting and special, yet limited by the medium and the material. It is from these principles that the SAI Custom Shop was conceived. Built start-to-finish by a single pair of hands, these limited-run tools represent the highest quality, creativity, and craftsmanship that Saint Anthony Industries has to offer. 

The Death and Life of

The Hawthorn Tree

After decades of pink spring flowers and bright autumn fruit, we regretfully watched a 30 foot tall Hawthorn tree slowly succumb to pressures of the tree beetle. My brothers and I carefully brought it down and harvested the lumber. Being tradesmen in wood craft, we fell in love with the lower trunk burl wood. We were so blown away by the grain pattern and color that we switched off the excavator and hand excavated the root system to preserve the integrity of this indelible wood. It seemed fitting to inlay this remarkable wood into our premium espresso hand tools in hopes that it can live on forever.