The New Levy Precision Espresso Tamping Tool


Bachmann Accu Drive markings are now included with all tools.

The New Levy Tamp brings unparalleled consistency to your espresso production. Simply determine the ideal weight of ground coffee in your portafilter and spin the Levy’s center spacer to achieve the perfect tamp depth.

The New Levy makes consistency and quality possible with every shot.  Built in our workshop by hand, each one is a unique piece. 

Made from precision machined stainless steel and inlaid with your choice of American hardwoods, or a fully coated industrial grade Teflon. 

Due to the natural variation in wood, each timber piece will have a varied tone and grain pattern. Each one truly unique.

The industrial grade teflon coated tools are non-wetting, naturally oleophobic and hydrophobic; meaning: the teflon naturally repels grime, making cleanup a breeze, keeping oils, grounds, and fingerprints off your tools for a timeless durability. 

Adjustable Depth: 5mm - 14mm

Weight: 20oz


Bachmann Accu Drive Numeric system

Bachmann Accu Drive Tools are a new standard for repeatability and precision in espresso preparation.

Now you can precisely set your tools to a working depth that corresponds to a numbered setting on your tool. The numbered settings are standardized across all Bachmann Accu Drive tools. This feature allows you to reference numerical levels for the precise depth setting of your tools, resulting in optimum espresso extractions.  

Each tool is hand indexed in our SLC USA, workshop. 

Bachmann Accu Drive Numeric system. Patent Pending