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Voyager Hyper Pure Ceramic Flask

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A Classic, Reinvented

No matter your destination the rugged Hyper Pure Voyager Flask will keep your beverage Ultra Hot or Super Cold.

The durability and thermal performance of dual wall stainless steel vacuum sealed bottles is legendary. However, stainless steel material in direct contact with a beverage often taints the drinking experience. We have lined a nearly unbreakable stainless steel bottle with our feather light, inert ceramic to create a flask that will always deliver a Hyper Pure drinking experience.


Hand Wash or Dishwasher Cold, Top Rack Only 

Volume: 1L (33.8oz)

Height: 11.7in (297mm)

Diameter: 3.62in (92mm)

Weight: 20.1oz (570g)


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Daryl Byler

Is there a handle available for it
You need one

Would buy again

Quality thermos, keeps liquid hot and doesn't affect the taste like a stainless steel thermos


Great quality. Very grateful for your metal free contact containers. Holds heat well. Thanks!

Odd-Steinar Tøllefsen
Ceramic Flask

The looks of the Ceramic flask is amazing! But unfortunately the lid is not a good solution at all…! It is way wayyyy too hard to open. Very difficult to know how many turns to open before pouring. The opening in the top lid leaks hot coffee on your hands when you try to close it (when thermos is full). The lid should have been super simple, something similar to the «Stanley», just a lid that works… Does not keep the coffee warm long enough… Looks and design is great!!! But lid sucks… Sorry!

Adam Daly
Almost perfect!

I want to preface this by saying I love St Anthony Industries. I have several of their products. I also love the ceramic lining with their drinkware.

My only two comments on the voyager are:

- the cap doesn’t seal unless you use the inner seal.
- I prefer not to have to touch surface on which I will drink, but you have to loosen the inner seal in order to drink.

That’s all. It’s a great vessel. I just wish I could more conveniently use it without the inner piece and have it sealed.