Atlantis Hyper Pure Ceramic Cup


A Little Bit of Rocket Science

Move beyond stainless steel for a pure, uncontaminated drinking experience.

Inspired by the use of ultra-lightweight ceramic insulation in NASA space shuttles, M² Labs has employed new technology to bond a feather-light, inert ceramic to a nearly unbreakable ultra insulative structure, resulting in the patent-pending, Ceramic Clad Thermal Protection System.

S.A.I. has partnered with M² Labs to integrate this technology into a historic line of rugged, on-the-move insulative drink wares.

Hyper Pure Ceramics is the new standard of pure thermal performance.

M² Labs + S.A.I.


Hand Wash or Dishwasher Cold, Top Rack Only 

Volume: 12oz

Height with lid: 4.76in (121mm)

Diameter: 2.87in (73mm)

 Weight: 4.1oz (117g)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Good mug, cracked lid

Mug is great; lightweight, insulates well, cleans easily. The lid was a great design with the sloped opening that minimized splashes. However, after a few uses, the lid developed a crack that proceeded to get worse, until the top half complete separated from the lower half holding the silicone gasket.

Nick Hauser

Lightweight, durable, great colors, use mine everyday.

I own five now, if that says anything

Easily the best coffee cup I've ever owned. Easy to clean, very neutral-tasting, surprisingly rugged, and the thermal retention is pretty unbelievable.

Jessica Baxley
Cup is wonderful, lid did not survive.

I love the cup, a larger size would be awesome. I bought 2 of them and both lids fell apart from the heat of the coffee. Kind of disappointing as I like to use the cup in the car.

Sara Powell

These were the 6th and 7th of these type mugs that I have ordered. I have one- the others were very appreciated gifts.