The Millwright Hand Grinder For Coffee


 Working With Your Hands

Meet the Millwright - quite possibly the world's greatest hand grinder. 

The Millwright hand grinder eliminates the crude variability of grind size produced by most grinders. We've designed a grinding system featuring dual precision shaft bearings that turn a 48mm, titanium coated Italian burr-set. All of this, carefully fitted into an aluminum housing machined to aeronautic tolerances. From finely ground espresso to coarse ground French press, The Millwright is your path to beautifully ground coffee every day.

Enjoy a lifetime of perfectly ground coffee with the Millwright hand grinder.

Capacity: 28 grams

Weight: 550 grams (1lb 3.5 oz)

Customer Reviews

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Optimal Coffee
Hidden Gem

I own many grinders at my coffee lap, all the famous brands & more…
This grinder really shines among all of them
& i liked it more with the personalized engraving.

- Fair price
- Great built quality
- the Burr set is amazing & produce less fines
- the leather case is top quality
- easy to open & clean

- the handle sometimes get loose while grinding if you are not careful, since there is no magnet similar to other grinders to attach the handle with the shaft. But when you get used to it, there is no issue 👌🏻

Really enjoyed my purchase & currently waiting to season the burrs & product tasty cups of coffee 😃

David Wright
Great and beautiful product! I look forward to many adventures with my new grinder.

Coffee grinder works great and the esthetics are awesome!

Alfredo Castaneda

The Millwright Hand Grinder For Coffee

Justus Deen

It is absolutely amazing!!

James Roth
Well Made and Designed

The Millwright Hand Grinder is a well made and designed grinder. Well-worth the money if you are looking for a quality hand grinder. It can grind beans for an espresso to the courser grounds for la Moka to a grind for drip or pourover. Easy to use, although I would not like to use it for everyday grinding of espresso since it takes at least a minute or two for that fine of a grind. I bought it primarily for travel but I use it for the occasional use of the Moka so I do not have to change the settings on my Eureka electric grinder.