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A gift with flavour. – Saint Anthony Industries

A gift with flavour.

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SAI Holiday Gift Sets


For gift-giving ease, all sets are complete with a hand printed craft gift bag featuring the SAI Coffee Flavour Wheel, festive tissue paper and natural ribbon. 

Gift bag, tissue and ribbon ship flat for fast and easy gift-giving.


Hasami MugFor the last 400 years, Hasami has been Japan’s premier ceramic center. It is a beautiful rural town of just 15,000 people. Hasami's great tradition of fine ceramic production has earned it a global reputation among ceramic collectors and enthusiasts.


HandkerchiefSo many possibilities with this simple textile delight.

American Cone Denim outside, 100% natural cotton inside. Cut, screened and stitched in SLC, USA. Softens with each wash.

16.5 inch x 16.5 inch


P70 - The Phoenix  is a minimalist approach to brewing coffee based on fundamentals of geometry, physics and chemistry. 

70° Brewing Principles

The 70 degree filter creates a 30% taller brew column than standard filters. This increases the water to coffee contact and allows for more thorough microfine filtration, trapping them within and keeping them out of your cup. This increase in contact results in higher extraction yields, lessens the chance of under extraction, and produces an incredibly clean cup of coffee.   

Benefits of the 70°

- Clarity of cup 

- Allows delicate, nuanced flavors to prevail  

- Higher extraction yields than other brewers


C70 - The C70 is Saint Anthony Industries design progression of the standard ceramic pour over we have always enjoyed. Complete with the utilitarian performance of ceramic and now with the benefits of our proprietary 70° shape and Perfect Paper Filters. 

- Meticulously made of the highest quality materials in Hasami, Japan 

- Advantages of the 70° brew principals

- Thermal stability for a piping hot cup


PPF - SAI Brand Filters

They are perfectly symmetrical. You brew in the center of two layers, much different from the standard 3 layers on one side and 1 layer on the other side. SAI Brand Filters filter are thinner and have a different structure allowing faster flow.

- Save time, no need to pre-rinse

- Uniform, dual wall filtration 

- Unmatched cup clarity


Model S & T - The Model S and Model T are rooted in our tradition of handcrafted perfection.  

We’ve been working tirelessly over the years to develop a tamper design that will meet the highest standards of performance, precision, and hand built craftsmanship while easily accommodating a barista’s budget.  

The Model S and the Model T are beautiful, quality hand made tamps of American hardwoods. Constructed out of alternating layers of hardwood for superb strength, they feature a 304 stainless steel, ultra precise 58.5mm base with a perfectly sharp edge to accomplish optimum extractions. The base is designed for easy replacement with screw on & off functionality.  

The Model S features a flat top handle drawing inspiration from the lines of our traditional Statesman tamp. 

The Model T features a rounded top handle drawing inspiration from the lines of our traditional Thoroughgood tamp.

Drop your tamp or ding your base? No worries. 

Highspeed hand polished replacement bases are only $19. Available separately here.