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G70 Pourover Coffee Vessel & Filter Package

Sale price$47.00

- 70 degree brew column. Optimal geometry for even and complete extraction.
- Handcrafted, heat resistant borosilicate glass 
- Includes Perfect Paper Filters box
- Dishwasher safe
- Capacity: 500ml (17oz)
- Height: 184mm (7.25in)
- Top / Opening Diameter: 95mm (3.75in)
- Bottom Diameter: 122mm (4.8in)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rena V

The G70 is slightly smaller than expected, but it brews an absolutely awesome cup of coffee. I’m not sure what mystical wizardry was used to make the filters, but it’s the only filter type I’ve ever used that does not contaminate my coffee with a papery taste. I’m completely satisfied with this purchase and highly recommend this vessel/filter combo. Hooray for coffee!

Christopher Prosser

Tell me how to use the filters. No instructions and the vessel was a lot smaller than expected, although beautiful.

Micah Hodges
Aesthetically Pleasing Amazing Brewer

In short, this is a great brewer! I love the size and aesthetics in addition to the amazing coffee brewing ability. The “hidden" design justifications are revealed ever time you brew a cup.