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Enduring Oak Tools

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Humans have been burning wood for thousands of years. Somewhere along the line it was discovered that burning only the outer surface of the wood improved its usefulness.

The most well known and cherished function of surface burning wood is charred oak barrels.  Charred oak is what gives whiskey its warm amber color, distinct sylvan notes, and subtle smoky aroma. It defines an entire industry of spirits. Charring wood creates a layer of carbon on the outer surface of the wood that protects from UV, insects, and helps improve dimensional stability.

Burning wood has the potential to destroy it, or to give it beautiful and enduring new life. The intriguing concept of enhanced beauty and function through minor destruction captivated us. It led to the exciting designs for our Spring 2023 S.A.I. Customs Shop Collection.

We’re happy to present to you another limited run of the finest handmade espresso tools our artists have to offer. Limited to ninety numbered and dated tool sets crafted from the charred oak slats of used whiskey barrels, these tools are the most unique blackened pieces our shop has ever created. In addition, we are creating fifty matching Blocs in charred oak and will offer these as limited Bloc Party sets.

Customer Reviews

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James Rutherford
If You're Looking for Custom Barista Tools SAI Could be Your Answer

Ok so I was searching for specific high-end tools for my new coffee station and I didn't want something from an assembly line. I was fortunate to find SAI and their amazing handmade tools for coffee snobs (like me). The Bloc Espresso Knock Box + Tamp Station was perfect for me but at the time they didn't have it in oak so I purchased the walnut. Both The New Levy Tamper and The BT Wedge Coffee Distribution Tool are from the Enduring Oak Tools set in burnt Oak. I've used traditional tampers for years and this was my first time using this type tamper/leveling system and I love using them and they make my coffee station look amazing.

Glen Weinberg
Enduring super-fun

What I was looking for was a high-end and fun to use piece of art that I could use every day while making espresso drinks. I found exactly that with the Saint Anthony Industries Enduring Oak Bloc Party. Meticulously crafted. Perfectly balanced. Fun to use. Stunning to look at.

David Jez

Purchased the enduring oak Bloc Party. Exceptional quality as always. I love the craftsmanship and weight of their levy and tamper. My coffee making is also much more consistent now! Love it!

Enduring Oak, Excellent Tools!

Honestly, these tools are excellent. On the surface, it's just a tamper, and wedge, and they should work like any others out there. They don't, they work better. Maybe it's the weight, the size, or the shape - I don't know, but my workflow is seamless with them. Do more affordable tools work? They do, but not nearly as consistently. Customer service has been great as well.