Reinhart Coffee Chest


The Reinhart Coffee Chest makes world class coffee easy anywhere.


A walnut chest featuring hand worked leather details and hammer set rivets, neatly holds all the tools necessary to brew exceptional coffee. 

Chest includes:
• Millwright Hand Grinder - quite possibly the world's greatest hand grinder. 
• Perfect Pour Kettle - the most perfectly balanced single pour kettle ever made.
• G70 Borosilicate Glass Brewer - for optimal geometry for even and complete extraction.
• Perfect Paper Filters - perfectly symmetrical, dual wall design creates even extraction.
• 3 Plum Bottom Snifter Glasses -  its hourglass shape helps trap aromas adding to the tasting experience.
• 7 Time Capsules  - perfect for keeping proper doses of  beans fresh and conveniently  ready for enjoyment.
• 3 Coasters - for top shelf presentation.